Hey there, my name is Sasha Revolus.

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Sasha Revolus is a brand consultant and oanizational specialst fousing on all things small business development.Born to Haitian and Cuban parents of entrepreneurial background, Sasha has always had a love of business. Sasha developed a passion for empowering other young women to never set limitations on their dreams. She had been a successful clothing designer and hair stylist in Miami up until 2014 when she decided to refocus and give back to her country of Haiti. She started Jeremie Charitable Foundation, non-profit that she runs with her mother to give the children of Haiti a chance to live their lives thru the arts.

Sasha offers nearly a decade of experience in social media management,Brand consulting,property management and humanitarianism. A graduate of Florida International University with a degree in Communication Arts and Global Media. Sasha is focused, determined, and a believer in finishing strong in every endeavor she starts. Without limits set, Sasha have been able to enjoy her creativity by immersing herself in all facets of business whether it be business structure, brand develop and/or web design. There is no doubt she is the Productive Dreamer.