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I'm Sasha, an occasional top-knot sporting lover of all things creative. I love working with amazing entrepreneurs, and together we’ve created inspiring brands + websites that cultivate their beautiful businesses. 

I simply crave creativity. That need to curate creative things led me to study Global media and Communication Arts in college, to pursue a career as a creative director and ultimately start my own businesses so that I could share my gifts with creative entrepreneurs.



I was born to Haitian and Cuban parents of entrepreneurial background. I was once a successful clothing designer and hair stylist in Miami up until 2014 when I decided to refocus and give back to my country of Haiti. I started Jeremie Charitable Foundation, non-profit that I run with my mother to give the children of Haiti a chance to live their lives thru the arts.I am a graduate of Florida International University with a degree in Communication Arts and Global Media.  You can just call me a Productive Dreamer.